πŸš€ AVINOC/VOO platform for brokers and operators launched❗️

Dear Community!
As many have surely already heard, TODAY, June 20, 2022, the VOO platform initiated and operated by AVINOC was launched. This will make booking private, cargo or even medical flights as easy as booking a hotel online in the future. A revolutionary concept for a global market worth billions!
This step of the rollout of the VOO platform is about bringing brokers and operators together via VOO.aero. This forms the basis for completely realigning the “Private Aviation Industry”. The solutions provided by VOO are not only unique, but in many areas surpass anything that has existed in the market before. A massive foundation that has been prepared over years and will now change the market step by step. Let`s go VOO!
Onboarding Form
An onboarding section has been activated for brokers and operators on the VOO website at https://voo.aero. This is ONLY for brokers or operators. However, since the onboarding process went live, there have been numerous inquiries about this both from interested parties who would like to use the services offered by VOO as a customer in the future and from the ZENIQ and SAFIR community.
In order to not irritate this important stage step of VOO, we ask that you only complete or use the onboarding form provided online if you are a Broker or Operator in the Private Aviation industry. This onboarding area is specifically NOT for asking questions about AVINOC or VOO. AVINOC’s official Telegram channel is available for this purpose. Additionally, the BLOG on the VOO website can be followed. From July, it will also be possible to sign up for regular newsletters on the VOO website.
The enormous interest in AVINOC and VOO puts us in an extremely positive frame of mind. Something big is on the way!
Your SAFIR Global Team